Palak Corn Bento Box (Shutterfly Special)


Palak (Spinach) cooked with organic Indian spices, tomatoes and corn. Bento box includes a side of Basmati rice and Indian Daal lentils of the day. The bento meals can be reheated, if required, in a microwave.



Product Description

How to Place Your Order:

  • This is a special item for employees of Shutterfly. Please use a Shutterfly email address to place your order.
  • Your order will be delivered on the day to the break room between 11-12 noon.
  • A subsidized charge of $1 is built into the price of your box to cover delivery.
  • To ensure the highest of qualities and freshest of ingredients we only accept orders that have been placed one day in advance.
  • For questions, email us at